Projet Vila

Projet Vila

Portfolio project

Projecte Vila 1

Main façade of the house

Projecte Vila 2

View of the house from outdoors

Projecte Vila 3

Wide-angle view from the pool terrace

Projecte Vila 4

Minimalist corner enclosures

Projecte Vila 5

View from the barbecue over the garden and pool

Projecte Vila 6

Integrated barbecue area, hidden inside with an automatic shutter system

Projecte Vila 7

View of two and three pane minimalist closures in the corner of the living room

Projecte Vila 8

Closer view of the closure between two chamber panes with no vertical profiles, in the 90º corner, and recessed flush with the floor

Projecte Vila 9

View of the large kitchen closure system with two windows with a minimalist corner

Projecte Vila 10

View from inside the living room through the large three-pane minimalist sliding door

Projecte Vila 11

Great view from the side sliding door of the living room, showing the minimal central crossover point of under 2cm

Projecte Vila 12

Terrace with 8+8 glass railing and Minusco aluminum recessed profile

Projecte Vila 13

Recessed indoor glass railings, side and bottom, with 8+8 panes

Projecte Vila 14

View of the main entrance and stair railing with two different slopes, supported from underneath by track and recessed profile