Cedres project

Cedres project

Project Description

Projecte Cedres 1

Main façade of the house

Projecte Cedres 2

View of the pedestrian entrance to the house

Projecte Cedres 3

Wide view angle from the terrace

Projecte Cedres 4

Detail of the minimalist closure on the corner of the dining room

Projecte Cedres 5

Minimalist corner window with all five sliding panes open

Projecte Cedres 6

View from inside the spacious living room with all five sliding panes with minimalist latches open

Projecte Cedres 7

View of the open minimalist closure with no profiles or bumps to hinder walking, and facilitating great views

Projecte Cedres 8

Detail of the recessed profiles at ground level on the 90º corner

Projecte Cedres 9

Line of three minimalist windows in the upper rooms, seen from the balcony

Projecte Cedres 10

View from inside the minimalist sliding door in an upstairs bedroom, showing the minimal central crossover point

Projecte Cedres 11

View from inside another bedroom with detail of the minimal combined central crossover with 2/3 fixed glass and 1/3 sliding pane

Projecte Cedres 12

Close-up of the recessed profiles, hiding the inner drainage channels

Projecte Cedres 13

Room window with a closed single-pane minimalist profile

Projecte Cedres 14

Single-pane bedroom window open and hidden in the wall, with minimalist latch