Begur project

Begur project

Project Description

Projecte Begur 1

Great full view of the house

Projecte Begur 2

Front view showing all windows

Projecte Begur 3

View of main entrance

Projecte Begur 4

Rear view of house with large windows, showing lining with composite panels topping both the planters and roof

Projecte Begur 5

Minimalist double-pane corner, closed at 90º in the living room

Projecte Begur 6

Minimalist double-pane corner, opened at 90º in the living room

Projecte Begur 7

Fantastic views from the entire minimalist window section of the large living room

Projecte Begur 8

Patio enclosure with small garden and view of skylight flooding the room

Projecte Begur 9

Kitchen with a large minimalist sliding windows and fixed corner glass

Projecte Begur 10

Sun protection with sliding blinds hung on hidden frames

Projecte Begur 11

Inner view through the sunscreen

Projecte Begur 12

View of the roof edged with composite panels