Project House Forques

Project House Forques

Project Description

Casa Forques 1

Front street view from the house

Casa Forques 2

Rear and main façade

Casa Forques 3

Linear of two windows with concealed sash and lining between the two.

Casa Forques 4

Side view of the south façade

Casa Forques 5

Combination of various closures with elements between the garage and the north side façade

Casa Forques 6

Minimalist sliding door of the living room, closed

Casa Forques 7

Minimalist living room slider, opened

Casa Forques 8

Minimalist sliding dining room

Casa Forques 9

View of the two minimalist closures in the stone wall

Casa Forques 10

Lightwell (patio) with door access to the kitchen

Casa Forques 11

View of the kitchen with natural lighting from the lightwell (patio)

Casa Forques 12

Lightwell (patio) enclosures

Casa Forques 13

View of the entrance to the house from the lightwell (patio)

Casa Forques 14

Fixed closure of the entrance hall with laminated fabric fibre inside the glass