Cabanyes project

Cabanyes project

Project Description

Projecte Cabanyes1

Rear view of house

Projecte Cabanyes 2

Partial front view of all closures

Projecte Cabanyes 3

Two minimalist closures upstairs and downstairs integrated with a glass railing lined with a composite panel

Projecte Cabanyes 4

Detail of the closure and the composite panel lining

Projecte Cabanyes 5

Minimalist sliding door with integrated stone-lined finish

Projecte Cabanyes 6

Linear front of the minimalist closure with two corners of polished offset glass, combined with fixed and mobile panes in the spacious living room

Projecte Cabanyes 7

Side view of the glass closure of the railing with embedded section

Projecte Cabanyes 8

Detail of the 90º corner of two polished corner panes with no profile

Projecte Cabanyes 9

Inside view of the glass corner chamber with no profile

Projecte Cabanyes 10

View from inside the minimalist sliding door in an upstairs bedroom, showing the minimal central crossover point

Projecte Cabanyes 11

Lefthand inside view of the shortest section of the entire minimalist living room closure

Projecte Cabanyes 12

Righthand inside view of the longest section the entire minimalist living room closure